What is a “Wheelhouse?”: An interview with Eliza Gale (featuring Drew Glick)

Drew Glick is the author of the upcoming novel, The WheelHouse; here is a link to the book’s Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/WheelHouse-True-Story-about-Dogs Q: What is The WheelHouse about? A: In order to describe what the novel [The WheelHouse] is about a reader must first know what is a Wheelhouse? […]

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The WheelHouse, Book 1: The true story about a boy and his dogs. 

It has been called, “A beautiful story.” Even still many readers have commented, saying, “This is one story that everyone needs to read!”

The WheelHouse is a 362 page non-fiction novel that took nearly two years to complete. The story follows Drew who inadvertently sacrifices his humanity for the love of his dogs. The story is filled with intense imagery, frightening moments, and, of course, unconditional love. Intertwined with the many chapters of the book are Psalms that directly correlate to the events taking place throughout the book. “I added these Psalms [to the book] so that readers will understand that God is not up there, in Heaven, but rather that He is here, on Earth right beside us; guiding us, watching us, and protecting us. I wanted to remind my readers that should they want to find Him (God) all anyone really needs to do is open thier eyes.”

The WheelHouse (written by Drew Glick) hits internet shelves everywhere March 7th, 2017. Available on Amazon.com February 28th, 2017.