2nd Chance presents: The Rebirth of Nappy Roots

Vito Tisdale has appeared on numerous television talk shows including, The Tonight Show. His bands incredible rise to fame seemed all but unstoppable. However, not long after something happened – the group disintegrated; they vanished without a word.

Since that time Vito (Tisdale) has lived in solitude; the pressure and stress of a cruel and unforgiving industry had gotten the better of him. For years he drank himself into a state of nothingness; smoking Marijuana and avoiding the outside world at all costs. Still, everyone kept asking, “Where is Vito?” and “What has become of the legendary hip hop group, Nappy Roots?” Now, after years of unanswered questions Vito is getting a 2ND Chance.

See Vito rise and return to mainstream music only on the new reality television show, 2ND Chance (produced by Paul Nutall). And be sure to watch the exclusive trailer (edited by The Glickster) to see what all the hype is about.


Humanity has met its match! 

The battle was brutal! The carnage was unstoppable! Can anyone quell the madness?

Mankind has lost the war. The Golden Palace has fallen into ruin; devastated by a surpirse attack by the immortal beast Genesis. The forces of darkness now run rampart across the Earth; swiftly and easily striking down the last of the chosen few who were summoned eons ago to stop Genesis from awakening from its enternal slumber, and thus fulfilling an ancient prophecy which foretold of mankind’s ultimate destruction. Yet, there remains one last hope – The Ark of Fate. Only she can re-unite the remaining Arks and once and for all bring salvation to a begotten world.

Vagabond Knights: Trilogy of Chaos has been hailed as, “An epic saga that George Lucas could be proud.” The new novel is over 500 pages and growing. The story is unique and original, unrelenting, challenging and mind blowing. Even readers who dislike fantasy and sci-fi novels will find something to smile about in the new fiction novel by, Drew Glick.

The original novel titled, Vagabond Knights: Last Armageddon (now out of print) became an cult classic nearly overnight. Many readers called it, “Genius!” and referred to Drew Glick (formally known as Drew Evans) as an author who is “destined for greatness!” Shortly after the initial release of Last Armageddon, Drew followed up his masterpiece with Vagabond Knights: The Destruction of Chaos. It was then that Drew seemed to leave his readers in limbo. The ending of The Destruction of Chaos had readers begging to know how the story ends. But, as Drew has said, “The question is not how the story ends but how it begins.” For nearly a decade readers have pondered this puzzling phrase. At long last it seems that fans of the series may finally get the answers they have been waiting for?

…the end is near.

The WheelHouse, Book 1: The true story about a boy and his dogs. 

It has been called, “A beautiful story.” Even still many readers have commented, saying, “This is one story that everyone needs to read!”

The WheelHouse is a 362 page non-fiction novel that took nearly two years to complete. The story follows Drew who inadvertently sacrifices his humanity for the love of his dogs. The story is filled with intense imagery, frightening moments, and, of course, unconditional love. Intertwined with the many chapters of the book are Psalms that directly correlate to the events taking place throughout the book. “I added these Psalms [to the book] so that readers will understand that God is not up there, in Heaven, but rather that He is here, on Earth right beside us; guiding us, watching us, and protecting us. I wanted to remind my readers that should they want to find Him (God) all anyone really needs to do is open thier eyes.”

The WheelHouse (written by Drew Glick) hits internet shelves everywhere March 7th, 2017. Available on Amazon.com February 28th, 2017.