2nd Chance presents: The Rebirth of Nappy Roots

Vito Tisdale has appeared on numerous television talk shows including, The Tonight Show. His bands incredible rise to fame seemed all but unstoppable. However, not long after something happened – the group disintegrated; they vanished without a word.

Since that time Vito (Tisdale) has lived in solitude; the pressure and stress of a cruel and unforgiving industry had gotten the better of him. For years he drank himself into a state of nothingness; smoking Marijuana and avoiding the outside world at all costs. Still, everyone kept asking, “Where is Vito?” and “What has become of the legendary hip hop group, Nappy Roots?” Now, after years of unanswered questions Vito is getting a 2ND Chance.

See Vito rise and return to mainstream music only on the new reality television show, 2ND Chance (produced by Paul Nutall). And be sure to watch the exclusive trailer (edited by The Glickster) to see what all the hype is about.